2008 We decided to post the whole season on this "News" page. So in the coming days
and weeks we will post Photos about the Camp and how it developed during the
changing weather patterns and salmon runs. This is a very, very interesting project and
we have thought about it for years.

Sorry it took so long to get going, but the fishing this winter was so good
and so incredibly beautiful that we hardly left the river during
September-October. Then in town, when we could have been online we
really tried to go back up the river as fast as possible.
It seems that everything else will have to wait! Here is why...........
Vamori and Axel Burgheim
Winter magic....... Surrounded by stunning, cold beauty, all alone with lots of fish.........
To run the boat and fish late October rainbow trout Alaskan style
you get the boat going Alaskan style.......
To thaw out the intake of your jetboat you build a fire under the intake..........!!
The bears are already  in
their dens hibernating.
Seth and his 13 foot Spey....
All the way out there and deep into a fish
Its quite amazing when it comes to Dolly Varden.
Multiple fish can be caught in one location but they
can have completely different colors.
Some people call them t....fish, we disagree.
Dollies are great fish to catch!  
They put up a great fight, bulldogging along the bottom and they
surprise with their varied appearance.  
Vam loves to fish and it shows...... I must be the luckiest husband on earth!
Ya maan!!
And suddenly you don't feel the cold.......
Alone but definitely not lonely.
At it again!!
10:00 pm?? In October?? Yep...full moon!!
A good boat, good
company and some fish
we'll do it any time......
Even in the winter!!
Heyh  guysh shek oud thsh fiff.....
Winter paradise
Leaving the river before first snow .....You got to be kidding!!
Alright we didn't catch a lot of fish that day, but hey
do we look like we had a bad time??
Let's go!!
Can it be done? Looks like more slush than water........
Who would have thought..... Let's fish!!!
Almost there.....
After this last trip up to camp the river froze shut!!! Of course the fishing was not all that great in between the slush........

But then we went to the Kenai.......
Now we have bad monster trout dreams, can't sleep and we'll do it again 2009
We owe it to Chip, he showed us how it was done .....
Of course he reserved the big one for himself ......
Divine justice!!

We are now in Denmark and are fishing for
ocean going brown trout........
Sorry everybody, gotta have your priorities
This is the fish of a thousand cast's so it might
take awhile before........ See you in spring - on
the river!!
Anyhow we have a new camp now!! I am not going to talk about how and why we lost the old one,
just one thing: "Money talks dirty sometimes".

Besides, Vam and I are not into whining and life goes on. The economic situation in America has
affected some of our friends/visitors far worse than us and our heart goes out to those of you that
lost your homes and jobs!!!

It was hard at times to realize that some of you did not make it up the river in 2009 because of the
state the country is in. What ever we can do to make your visit possible, we will!!
The new camp is about 100 yards up the river and the view is amazing because now the mountains are more visible!
The view is so vast and unobstructed, quite often visitors sit down in awe........... It takes a little while to take it all in!!

This is something that is actually happening more and more....... You know........  Just sitting down, breathing and watching....... I know I am getting old but if that's how it is...... Fine!!
"The further around the bend you are the better the view gets.... " lol

Seriously I don't think we will ever get tired of it!!
Don't be surprised! This is a work site!!!!!!!
Change in progress!!
Stay tuned!!
News 2008 are further down!

A big Thanx to all our friends and visitors that made it happen this season!!!
Jungs ohne euch.............. Danke!!
2009 OK. I know I am in the doghouse for not working on the site but hey,
there are things in life that are way more important than work.......lol

So here it goes:
The economy is down the drain..... Fishing is still good!

We lost our camp and built a new one 'cause..... Fishing is still awesome up

We are still healthy and happy 'cause....... Fishing keeps us in shape!

Get the picture?!!
Check out the biggest swing in Alaska
2012 The Kings are gone!

The saddest thing about 2012 was not the flood and the camp permit issues, it was the fact that the Talkeetna was closed for Kings!
The future will show how serious the King Salmon are endangered, to see the numbers fall to a record low in all Alaskan rivers is very sad!!

Maybe the extreme "century flood" on the Talkeetna and the disappearance of the Kings have a common cause.......climate change.
Overfishing is certainly also a factor and one thing is clear, its man made and of course nobody's done it......

The Department on Natural Resources informed us that the camp can not get permitted for our location and so we have to choose
between trouble on the Talkeetna or fishing and camping all over the state.....lol
Easy choice to say the least and about time, Alaska has so much to offer and we cant wait to take our friends to new areas.

See you soon....... on the rivers.
How do you measure happiness?
By how much line a salmon takes of your reel perhaps?