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Wild fish
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Some fishing spots are closer than others.
Friendship and fishing
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Enjoy our site and have a look at life on the river.
We, Vamori and Axel Burgheim love to fish and live in Alaska, the
most beautiful place on earth!
Our sincere gratitude goes to all who have contributed their pictures,
time and good will to make this website possible!
We appreciate any suggestions you might have. Thank you, see you 0n
the river, enjoy!!
Vamori and Axel Burgheim
Got one!
Those Kings take your breath away!
Dog salmon are hard fighters, Rajesh lost half his rod handle on this one!
All fished out? Heck no!!  Just chillin' before the next bite..........
Rainbows are the diamonds of the
Love it!!
No comment..............
The real boss!!
Letting them run..................
We do not believe fishing to
be a competitive sport, to us
the exact opposite seems

Fishing brings us together,
strengthens our ties to each
other and brings us closer to
the raw beauty of nature and
to ourselves.
A relatively small river  (12 - 40 yards wide
and 2 - 10 feet deep), filled with hundreds of
salmon, some 5 feet in length and 70 pounds
heavy, is hard to imagine.
Alaska is one of the few last places that offer
such venues and the State is to be praised
for it's protective guidelines and regulations!!
The times are a changing!!

We are getting too old for this

As of 2010 we are now living
between our creature comforts
in Anchorage and the rivers of

The "pushbutton life" finally
caught up with us!! Lol

Vam & Axel
How do you say in Germany??
"Auch ein schöner Rücken kann
entzücken"!!  Lol