Rainbow Trout/Leopard Trout  

Fishing for rainbow trout in Alaska is special and some anglers have put
their king poles to rest…… forever!!!

The first fish migration of the year is not that of the salmon but really that of the Alaskan
“Leopard” trout. These darkly spotted predators come out of their wintering holes in early April.  
They are hungry and eat just about everything that moves in our creeks and rivers. As these
hunters come out of the lower reaches of the big rivers that provided them with shelter during
the winter, they move upstream towards the summer...
Yes! It´s a dolly, not a bow....
Size is not everything!
We encourage 100%
catch and release on all
residential fish.
In Alaska winters are
long and cold and local
fish grow slowly.

A 30" trout  is special
even up here and needs
to be protected,
regardless of the
Imagine you are a little fish and this is coming at you............................
Little red pearl with big consequences
A true Leopard Rainbow
Rainbow fishing is the best!!