Wildlife Photography

Photography and wilderness come together in Alaska!
Live with us in the wild, comfortable and safe, concentrate on the task and enjoy!
We still remember the
excitement  when, after months
of travel and work, our rolls of
films were, finally  on the light  
screen to be checked.
Now with digital photography  
checking and choosing has
become instant.
But still, after a day  in the field
with the eagles, beavers and
bears, checking  the pictures
during the evening in camp on
large screens is almost as
exciting as the good old days.

OOOHS and AAAHS all around!!
Panning Eagles
has driven us
crazy, but when
that one image
turns out decent  
it's wort all the
The wonderfull thing
about Alaska is the
fact , that in some
areas animals have
not had a negative
experience with
Humans and are
therefore willing to
tolerate close up
To capture live in an image of beauty
and energy.........................