King Salmon

King Salmon is probably the most exciting large species that can be taken by the freshwater
angler. We usually fish from shore or wade from shallow gravel bars to pursue these giant fish.  
Casting to kings requires strong gear and technique for precise presentation, and to catch.........

Fly-fishing Kings puts a wicked twist in the sport since it requires a high level of physical skill to
subdue the fish when on the run. Again we recommend heavy gear to do the job right. Ten to
twelve weight rods are generally necessary to cast heavy lines and large flies...
We love it....
7th of June 2007 and 240 miles from the ocean..........
On the Fly!
Pat and Royce heavy into a doubleheader!!
Almost there!!
Congrats Pat!!
Crystal clear water,
watching the fish react
and take the lure is one
thing, then being able to
watch the fish fight and
anticipate it's every move
is not only first class eye
candy it will make your
knees wobble and your
heart race and then there
is all that adrenalin.......