Fishing and photographing the outdoors is our passion.

Personally, we only fish with friends since we don't like "fish pimping"!!

Crystal Clear Outfitters arranges fishing trips through its contacts with a wilderness
experience in mind. We aim to accommodate all your needs in the wild in order for you to enjoy
the surroundings and load up on plenty of fish fighting adrenaline and memories that will last
for a lifetime.  What we arrange for you is quite addictive and some have returned to stay,
thereby turning their last cast into the first of a never ending Alaskan fishing odyssey.

The Venue
The most frequented waters offer some of the finest spin and fly fishing opportunities for King
Salmon, Silver Salmon, Chum Salmon, Pink Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, native Rainbow Trout,
Dolly Varden, and Grayling.  
- We encourage catch and release. -

Most venues are mountain tributaries flowing into the larger silt filled rivers of the Alaskan
Range.  All are dynamic, crystal clear, unobstructed, wild, meandering rivers and creeks with
freshwater springs, gravel bars, back eddies, and long fishable runs. These waters are fished by
spin and fly-fishermen alike and fishing is typically done by sight casting from the river bank, or
wading out from mid-stream shallow areas. All of these streams and creeks provide excellent
habitat for spawning salmon which in turn attracts Trout, Char and Grayling in very healthy

The Camps:
The locations are chosen depending on water levels and species availability.  Most locations
have additional remote spike camps that we will visit. Sometimes you stay in tents and at other
times you have rustic cabins at your disposal. Tent camps are safe, warm, and dry, delicious hot
meals are served and the kitchen is always open if you need a little something in between or if
you would like to prepare your catch. The center of camp/lodge is often a large fire pit where
you gather to tell the most incredible fishing stories/lies. Guest have laughed so
During rainy days you get together and eat in large heated mess tents or the main building,
which is also a great fish tales location.     
Upon arrival at the camp, guests are usually treated to refreshments and the latest fishing
report. You will be introduced to the staff and then show you your accommodations. Whether
you were able to wait until then or have already geared up at the airport ……….. Your fishing
adventure starts now!!

We recommend you use your own familiar tackle. If you are able to fly/spin fish for bone,
tarpon or drum or any other sport fish that will put up a good fight we urge you to build on your
experience with the gear and technique that is known to you.

Don’t feel that you have to fly fish in Alaska when you like spin fishing and vice versa.
Combined with our knowledge you will start to catch fish on the first day and develop your own
personal approach. (Check also the Species information paper)  

Don’t waste your valuable fishing time experimenting with ways and techniques of fishing that
are new to you.

You will need good rain/ all weather gear!!  Layers, Layers, Layers!!  Don’t forget that cotton
dries very, very slowly.

We recommend breathable waders and strong wading boots.  Do not forget a good pair of light
hiking boots and strong sandals. Do not arrive in camp without a good pair of polarized glasses!!
Amber is the best color and we swear by it. Watching the take is an awesome experience.   
Bring a large dry bag for day and optional overnight trips.
(You will receive a more detailed list of what to bring for your trip)          

Prices: Costs depend on Guide/ Lodge/Camp/ location involved, time frame,
services and group size.
Example 1:
6 Person, King Salmon fishing, jet boat access, 7 days, comfortable tent camp,
no cook, fully guided. $2,300.00. p.p.
Example 2:
6 Person, Silver Salmon fishing, remote fly in, 7 days, heated cabins, cook on
location, fully guided. $3,200.00. p.p.
Example 3:
6 Person, Rainbow Trout fishing, remote fly in, 7 days, daily helicopter transport-
fishing, lodge accommodation, cook on location, 3 meals daily, fully guided.
$6,400.00. p.p.
Wild streams
Wild fish
Reliable service
Affordable prices
Vamori and Axel Burgheim